The end of the 2019 season

This weekend, September 26-27 is the last weekend of public runs for the Sir John Knill. The timing is very good as he has been limping a bit in the last couple of weeks due to 2 of the batteries being run down and so dragging the whole bank down. There has been some emergency support from the Lady Lena, so those prospective customers have been quite surprised but also delighted by their relief boat . But new batteries are on their way as I write this, so we will be all set for next year.

We have had a very good season this year, the weather has been totally on our side, but also more and more people have discovered the joys of the canal and the affordable bonus of a boat trip to enhance their day out. We have also been very pleased with the take up of the private bookings, which certainly helps us maintain the affordable prices of the public runs. It has been popular with hen parties and birthday groups, amongst others.

We would like to thank our drivers very much for their continued hard work, cheerful helpfulness and tolerance of some of the problems that have been caused by the battery failures. We have had a lot of positive feedback and appreciation of their efforts which makes us proud of the service we can offer.

So here is to next season, 2020, which will start on the B&NES state school Easter holidays ,Saturday, April 4th , running daily through that until the beginning of the  Summer term . But the private bookings can happen any time, including after this weekend if the weather is good and the drivers are available. So don’t hesitate to enquire.




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