The start of the 2019 summer season

We have started the summer season with a bang..but not literally thankfully. Although just before the Easter holidays started there were some nail-biting moments when the propeller broke off and the electrics broke down. But after some hasty comings and goings to Peterborough, where the Torqueedo engine experts reside, everything was ready on the day.

We did start with 2 private bookings  by Catherine Beale, a local well known artist, who incorporated a boat trip into her atmospheric workshops. It was unfortunate that this happened on 2 of the wettest days, but certainly atmospheric!

But to bring it bang up up to date what a brilliant start to the season, after a few rather damp and chilly days at the beginning of the school Easter holidays, the sun came out in force and so did people on the tow path. The Sir John Knill has proved popular with grandparents entertaining their grandchildren, family days out and tourists alike.Thank you everyone for supporting it, plus thank you to our brilliant drivers Tim, Mark, Stu and Craig who have worked their socks off keeping to the schedule despite the seasonal increase in hire boats.
The children are back to school now so PLEASE NOTE that we are going back to only operating at the weekends again until the half term break  starting on Monday May 27 to 31..

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