First Greek evening waterbus event coming up

We are really looking forward to trying out our Greek evening waterbus event this weekend on the SJK. The old staff of Moorlands Junior School are meeting up this Saturday evening for lights, music and Greek food to celebrate, some coming from overseas for the event including Spain and Thailand. There will be plenty of photographs to record this very special event. Hopefully there will be more to come.

Also many thanks to the Bath Magazine for putting right an error in the July feature on Summer Fun, by putting the Sir John Knill waterbus in the section ‘5 things to do this August’ in this month’s magazine. It has made a difference with more enquiries and visitors finding us. Good for them.

This weekend we do not have any fully booked slots advise you about, so apart from a reservation of 5 seats on the 12pm from Bathampton on Saturday, there is plenty of room.

We were so pleased to see a wheelchair user on it today looking very happy, so please pass the word on if you know someone who would love this opportunity, it is still not widely known that we can accommodate them.



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