Thank you for your support

Thank you everybody who has been supporting our venture with the waterbus, the news seems to be spreading from great reviews on What’s On In and Around Bath on Facebook, to TripAdvisor all of which we are extremely grateful for ( and the weather) as this brings it to more and more people’s attention. We have been getting enquiries from places we didn’t know had heard about it, such as Corston camping grounds and the Travel Lodge at Widcombe say that their customers love it…it couldn’t be closer.

The Bath Magazine did give us a slot in their Summer Fun Guide but got their wires crossed and headed it Lady Lena…very confusing. But they have been extremely apologetic and are now going to put it into the August edition correctly labelled in a section about 5 things to do in August which should give us a boost.

Finally please note that the waterbus is fully booked at 12 pm from Bathampton one way this Saturday, July 14th. Also we now realise that the school holidays is starting earlier than we thought, so will be running daily from July 24th.

If you do enjoy getting our news please would you ‘like’ us to ensure you get all the updates.

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